When the pizza is so good that it challenges what you think you know about pizza? There isn’t any other way.

Made with local produce, fresh ingredients, and handcrafted to (im)perfection. You know it’s the real deal.


Tomato Static aims to raise the bar for pizza in Red Deer. 
Fresh ingredients and tasty pies that are made fresh daily – no microwaved ingredients here. Just passionate pizza lovers who want to deliver the best of the best.


Old-School Techniques

No perfect circles or conveyor belt pizzas.
Our pizzas are handmade, making each one unique and perfectly imperfect.

Quality & Flavour

Comfort Food?
Pizza solves your problems.

Maybe not, but it sure hits the spot. That’s the point of comfort food, right?

Continuous Improvement

Tomato Static pizza sets the bar in food quality and customer service and always strives to do better.

Professional Chef

Our chef’s love for food shows in his dedication to time-honoured techniques and continuous learning.

Hot & Fresh

We make as much as we can in-house, from the crust to the smoked meat. You’ll taste the difference.

Limited Supply

Because we make everything from scratch, we have a limited daily supply of dough so don’t miss out! 

Land Acknowledgment 

We are all treaty people

At Tomato Static, we respectfully acknowledge that we are on Treaty Six territory to the north of Red Deer River and Treaty Seven territory to the south. We acknowledge that we are settlers on this land and that we are all treaty people. We give thanks to the bounties of the land of which we benefit. In light of this understanding as treaty people, we move forward in the spirit of reconciliation.