About Us

Who Are We?

A family-run pizza shop, elevating what we know about pizza

Our History

proudly local

Tomato Static is a division of Roly Guacamole Inc. Food Truck.

Roly Guacamole Inc. and Tomato Static are run by the Wild Family, who have called Red Deer home for over 15 years. They have been a staple in their community volunteering and participating in sports, schools, and local events. Growing up in Calgary, AB, the Wild family’s move to Red Deer was love at first sight. We love Red Deer for the small city it is – perfect opportunity to make strong human connections and connect to the community spirit.

Supporting local has never been more important. We enjoy meeting new people, getting to know people by name (and maybe even by order), and seeing the reactions when they taste the food we make. We strive to make Tomato Static a staple local business in the community – the best local pizza you can get your hands on.

How do we reach our goal of being the best pizza in Red Deer? Classic cooking from scratch with fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. We offer the authentic flavours you’re craving served up with a side of amazing customer service.

We’re a local small business owner and operator, no investors here, so our goal is to serve you incredible tasting food and quality you can trust. We have giant windows in our kitchen facility so you can watch the magic happen, but also hold us to high standards of quality, cleanliness, and exceed the standards for most restaurants.

At Tomato Static, we want to reintroduce the human connection to food. When you order pizza from us, you have fewer hands touching the food and you save delivery fees so you can eat it fresh – right from the oven to your hands. Well, kinda. We don’t want to burn you.

Order take-out tonight. Enjoy your pizza at a local brewery with a pint or take it home to enjoy at the end of a long day.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy a fresh pizza from Tomato Static. 

Taste the Difference

Why Tomato Static?

With a gas-fired stone floor deck oven to deliver that crispiness and flavour to the crust, our pizza is reminiscent of homemade authentic pies at the local pizza shop before mass-made conveyor belt pizzas from national brands.

You can taste the authenticity.

In-House Dough

Fresh dough made from sourdough starter for a delectable crust from our own perfected recipe.


Our sauce is crafted from Stanislaus tomatoes from California, known for their quality assurance.

Make It Cheesy

Our cheese is local Saputo mozzarella blended with lower fat and moisture to maintain flavour, not grease.

Local & Fresh

Toppings are in-house or locally harvested; herbs and vegetables to freshly ground pork shoulder for sausage.

tomato static

say hello to the team


Rod is a Red Seal Journeyman in Cooking. You can see his love for food shine through with his dedication to technique and modern culinary experiences.


I take pride and delight in building relationships with people and businesses. I love our community and want to see it grow and flourish.


Our kitchen manager, Jackson, builds a pretty great pie. Although he loves pizza (who doesn’t?) he is attending school to pursue a career in green energy!